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  • Name: Coated Ascorbic Acid
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[Name] Coated Ascorbic Acid

[Quality standard] enterprise standard

[Main features] the product is coated with medicinal polymer clothing on the VC crystal surface. Most VC crystal can be seen coated under the microscope. The products are a small amount of white powder particles, but are stronger in the antioxidant capacity and not easily absorb moisture than uncoated VC, due to the protective effect of its clothing.

[Packaging] The inner packaging is the food grade PE bags, and aluminizing plastic bags, vacuum heat-sealed packaging with nitrogen; the outer packaging is corrugated box / cardboard drum

[Packing] 25kg/carton box,25kg/drum, or on customer requirements.

[Application Fields] feed additives, widely used to avoid VC deficiency, anemia, and promote connective tissue formation in animal husbandry especially aquaculture, extend molting period, improve immune function and anti-stress capacity.

[Shelf life] 1.5 years from the date of production in the provision of storage and packaging conditions.

[Storage conditions] Shade, under seal, dry, ventilation, pollution-free, not in the open air, under 30 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 75%. Can not be stored with toxic, corrosive, volatile or stink items.

[Transportation] Handle with care in transportation, sun and rain prevention, cannot be mixed, transported and stored with toxic, corrosive, volatile or stink items.

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