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[Name] L-Ascorbate-2-Phosphate(Ascorbic Acid 35%)

[English name] Vitamin C phosphate ester

[Chemical name] L-3 Su-oxo acid hexose-2-- phosphate ester

[Source] ascorbic acid and polyphosphate in the catalyst esterification

[Active ingredient] L-ascorbic acid

[Character] white or yellowish white powder, odorless, slightly sour

[Physical and chemical properties] Formula: C9H9O9P, molecular weight: 256.11. Soluble in water, resistant to acid, alkali and high temperature, high stability to light, oxygen, heat, salt, pH, moisture, 4.5 times of oxygen and heat stability than ordinary vitamin C, 1300 times of antioxidant capacity in aqueous solution than ordinary vitamin C, and 830 times of feed storage stability than ordinary vitamin C, the ideal vitamin C supplements for the fish feed.

[Functions] vitamin supplements. The main function of ascorbic acid is to be involved in cell interstitial collagen production, maintaining capillary permeability, stimulating cortisol and other hormones, promoting the formation of antibodies and the phagocytic capacity of white blood cells, improving animal immunity. In the prosess of bio-oxidation, it plays a role in passing hydrogen and electrons, detoxifying, antioxidant, anti-scurvy and anti-stress, and also plays an active part in the synthesis of carnitine, changing a folic acid into active tetrahydrofolate and intestinal absorption on iron.

[Usage] add to the feed after being pre-diluted, and mix well. 

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