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New Year’s Speech

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New Year’s Speech


General manager: Mr. Feng Shuai

        Time flies and everything is fresh again. On the moment of ringing the old year out and the new year in, on behalf of Shandong Luwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, I would like to convey my sincere greetings to the production line team as well as their relatives! And extend the new year wishes to all friends of all circles as well as customers from home and abroad who cared, supported and helped the development of Luwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in the past year!

        Time waits for no man, God rewards those who work hard. 2016 is a year the company went on with burden and full of challenge, it’s also a year of united struggle and continuing resplendence. In this year, facing the severe situation of safety and environmental protection comprehensive treatment as well as the keen competitive market, all the staff members were of one heart and one mind, diligent and dedicated, increased income and reduced expenditure, completed the equipment automation innovation, the production capacity set records since the establishment of the factory. Carried out integration strategy of industry-university-research cooperation, recruited technical personnel, extended the industrial chain, optimized the product structure, improved the quality of upstream and downstream products, grasped firmly the market dominant right and speech right with core technology; completed the environmental protection projects such as sewage treatment, odor control and green power improvement, new path of green and sustainable development was created; implemented the safety measures fully, realized the target of no serious injury and zero death; deepened the internal reform, practiced militarized management, specified the employee behavior, the management level was uplifted continually, the culture value of Luwei was fully revealed. These achievements are the result of selfless contribution of all staff members, the result of support and assistant of all friends from home and abroad. So I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all employees and friends from home and abroad!

        New year breeds new hope, new journey composes new resplendence! In 2017, Luwei people will stick to dream, strengthen the conviction, with greater enthusiasm, striving spirit, honest and faithful working attitude, taking over the idea of green development, safe development, sustainable development and catching-up development, we will create the new achievements during the Luwei journey of realizing “hundred-year brand,  industry model ” together with friends from home and abroad!

        At last, wish all the employees and relatives good health, good job and happy family! Wish all the friends from home and abroad booming business, good fortune and happy new year!

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