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The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the sorbitol project in…

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On May 27, 2011 morning, the company held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion and commissioning of the sorbitol project. District leaders including Yang Hongtao, Li Xinsheng, Hu Zhifeng, Yang Fuxin, Si Jichang, Guo Shangshu, Jia Yuanzhu attended the ceremony and cut ribbons for the project.

In recent years, Luwei takes an active response to the government calling for "mode transference and structural adjustment", accelerates structural adjustment, and extends the industrial chain. By conducting a comprehensive market survey and research analysis, the company decided to set a basis on the leading products, optimize the product structure, improve the industrial chain and increase new investments. After the 400 million yuan investment on sorbitol project has been put into production, the raw material supply for the leading products will be effectively solved. In this way, the company can initiatively control the raw materials market, reduce production costs, and thus further improve market competitiveness by structure adjustment, technological innovation, and creating a complete VC industrial chain. All these may lay a solid foundation for the goal of "creating a century Luwei and setting an industry-leading example".

Mr. Si, Deputy Head of the District said in his speech, in recent years, Shuangyang Town conscientiously implements the concept of scientific development, adheres to the ideas of the industry center and innovative development, sticks to economic development transformation, as a result, the town achieved a steady and rapid development. As the regional leading biopharmaceutical industry in recent years, Luwei has always attached great importance to innovation and R & D investment, becoming an flourishing enterprise with lager size, high growth rate, increasing market share and the national wide forefront in comprehensive trade strength. The completion and commissioning of the sorbitol project marks a steady step in optimizing the industrial structure and expanding quality and quantity, and it will play a positive role in promoting the town economy in industrial restructuring and upgrading, innovation and development, the comprehensive competitiveness improvement.

Subsequently, Yang Hongtao and other district leaders inspected the production line in the plant.

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