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Hazardous chemical leakage response drilling

Number of visits: Date:2016-04-25 15:01:34

June 28.To further improve the emergent response capacity in acute occupational poisoning accidents, the District organized an emergency rescue on-site drilling in Shandong Luwei pharmaceutical on June 25, Zichuan CDC and some other organizations participated in the methanol leakage response drilling.

On the spot, 6 professional and technical personnel from Zichuan CDC, wearing personal protection and field testing equipment, swiftly move to the poisoning scene and then put the testing instruments rapidly for use in the order of the scene commander. The drilling was intense but orderly with timely response, proper convergence, and methodical operation. The drilling improved site disposal capacity of acute occupational poisoning, enhanced emergency response awareness of command, coordination between the relevant units in emergency, and achieved the desired effect.


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