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Environmental protection thoughts helps Luwei to break out

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The project of new-method denitration of Luwei Pharmaceutical thermal power plant has passed the completion acceptance. It marks that the discharge standard of sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide have reached the requirements of new national Environment Protection Law in advance. “taking advantage of environmental protection thoughts,strengthening the connotative development of the enterprise,that’s the fundamental reason why we always obtain an invincible position in the market.”said Mr.Fengshuai, the general manager.

Shandong Luwei Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is the leading enterprise in VC field. Its annual output of VC is 30,000 tons,95% of the products are exported to over 30 countries and regions in Europe and America. In recent years, with the impact of financial crisis and economy depression, Luwei Pharmaceutical still steadfastly stands on its ground, the environmental protection is the development key to steady progress and scale development.

In the cold winter, there is no any odour in the plant and workshop. “environmental protection is double-edged sword. As a pharmaceutical enterprise, making full use of waste water and residue will save money and improve efficiency”,introduced by Mr. Liang Kesheng, the director of environmental protection department.

Starting from 2008, Luwei put emphasis on the energy cost. They have invested 60 million yuan to build the multi-function sewage treatment plant. “environmental protection is one-time investment,benefit for a long time, many chemical enterprises regard building sewage treatment plant as burden,an extra expenditure,but for us, it saves large amount of capital for the future production.” Mr. Fengshuai calculated as follows: water and steam are the important costs of producing VC. The factory sends 300000 tons of water to the sewage treatment plant each month, transforms it into methane by secondary fermentation,generates the power with methane, the generated power can satisfy parts of the production, it can also supply parts of life power,the steam produced by electricity generation can used for heating supply of the residents in winter, in other seasons, the steam is sent to the plant for production,it saves the money for production steam.

“95% of treated water is sent back to the plant for production, 30 million yuan can be saved in one year, the cost can be recovered in two years.”said Mr. Fengshuai. Moreover, production waste residue is changed into money. “the waste residue is transformed into organic fertilizer after simple secondary processing, the nearby residents line up to buy it.”
Environmental protection not only brings benefits, but also speeds up the transformation pace of the enterprise. In order to obtain the initiative power and speech right in global VC market, Luwei made research and development of new product to stretch the industry chain. Starting from the end of 2009, Luwei invested 400 million yuan to carry out the project of 100,000 tons/year glucose, 100,000 tons/year sorbitol and 10,000 tons/year VC series products,extended the upstream and downstream industry chain of VC. The upstream products are mainly sorbitol and glucose, the downstream products are mainly sodium ascorbate,Vitamin DC granule, L-Ascorbate-2-Phosphate etc. It not only expand the scale, but also promote the development quality of the enterprise. In June,2011, the project were completed and put into production,the upstream raw material supply problem is solved, the industry chain of VC product is stretched, the single product risk of VC is solved, the market share is continuously expanded.

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